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Choosing An Air Compressor For Your Garage

A garage is a place in your home that can be used for many things. Some turn it into an extra bedroom. A lot of bands start out in garages. Some people use it as a place for their hobbies and activities. But of course, the main purpose of it is for storing vehicles.

If you are a person who uses it for vehicle storage or for hobbies like woodworking or any other similar projects, you probably have a lot of tools stored in your garage. They could be used for your projects or for your vehicle or for your household needs. Whatever they are for, the garage is also a good place to store them.

When you have a variety of work and projects on your hands, it will be wise for you to have the right tools to help get them done. One tool that is often found in a garage is an air compressor. An air compressor is a device that uses an electric motor or gas engine to take in air and pressurize it for later use. Air compressors can be used for a variety of household needs such as inflating the tires of your vehicle, ball, and pool floats, but they can also be used for more advanced projects like inflating bladder tanks, clearing water lines, and more. Having one that you can use whenever you need can be helpful for you and efficient.

Now that you know a bit more about what air compressors are used for, the next step will be choosing the right one. How will choose yours? Here are some factors to consider.

The Size and Requirements

As said earlier, an air compressor can be used for a variety of things. Because of this, there are factors to consider for selecting the perfect one for your garage. First is the size of its tank. This will depend on what kinds of tools you are using. If it is just for filling tires or air brushing, it usually just needs a small tank or even none at all. It will be a different story for more heavy duty tools that require air pressure to power them though. If you plan to have one that will stay in your garage, getting a larger tank will be better because it can be used for more purposes. There are also air compressors that are portable and can be taken anywhere which is great for using with your vehicle for emergency purposes. Other factors to look for that will be depending on your requirements will be


Larger air compressors are usually for industrial use. General household use does not require much.

Cubic Feet per Minute

This is the measure of the volumetric flow that an air compressor can provide and is very important to know about. If you’re using the air compressor for air-powered tools you’ll want to make sure it can provide plenty of volume.

The Types

Another important part is knowing about their kinds which are:

Reciprocating compressor

It essentially utilizes a piston the is contained and properly sealed within a cylinder to compress the air much like an engine compresses gas before ignition. 

Screw compressor

It utilizes a screw that rotates and is tapered to compress air inside as it moves to the end.

Centrifugal compressor

It uses a rotating impeller to compresses the air.

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Furniture Layout For A Rectangular Living Room With A Fireplace

To decorate your home is one of the crucial points in having your own. It is not just about having a touch and showing off your personality but also having it look pleasing to the eye. It is certainly not an easy task. You would have to choose the right color, decor, and furniture. And it does not end with that. You would also need to have to perfect layout to arrange those.

Sometimes, there will be added problems having your room much longer, and you have no idea how to make up for space. What if there is also a fireplace? Sure, it is a nice addition to have at your house, but it is an added factor to your arrangement. And even if you don’t have a fireplace, you may want to consider an alternative design. Gas fireplaces are great and electric fireplaces have become increasingly beautiful over recent years. You can even find models built into entertainment centers to help save space.

For that matter, here are some suggestions that will work for your living room:


With this, you can have the fireplace as your focal point. Then maybe have one large sofa in the middle with an equal amount of chairs and side tables at the side and have the television beside the fireplace and another shelf or rack on the other side. You could also have two large sofas on each side instead of chairs. No matter what it will be, having the pieces of furniture symmetrical is pleasing and always works.

Zones and Corners

A way to maximize space is having two purposes. You can still have the living room on the other side, but the other can be different. It can work, you just have to be creative with it. You can either have the fireplace as the divider if it is placed right in the middle. If not, you can always have it on the living room side.

Here are some examples that you can divide your living room with:


If you are a person who works at home or takes home their work, this will be great for you. While the other side is for relaxation and entertaining guests, you can place a desk with your computer or laptop at the other or even just a corner that will be enough for you. It will depend on what your job will be, but you can place some essentials in your reach.

Dining area

The most common solution for small spaces is having the living room and dining room as one. It is also handy because these are the places you entertain your guests with, so they will be easily transferred places if there are dinner or lunch parties. You can also do this even if you already have a dining room. It could be a space that is exclusive when guests come over.

Another small seating area

You can have the main living room then have a corner either for reading or a private corner that you can have talks. You can also separate an entertainment area from the seating area.

Kid’s corner

If you have kids, it will be handy to give them a playpen with their toys. This way, you can watch them more closely. This is also helpful to have your kids on playdates or if your visitors will have kids too.

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Choosing Headphones For Working With Guitar Recordings

Life isn’t all about renovation, sometimes you have to have a little fun. If you know me, then you know I’m all about recording and assembling music. The most common instruments that are recorded are either the keyboard or the guitar. The reason most likely is that both of these instruments can stand alone. Recording a song you wrote? Just grab a guitar or keyboard, and you are ready. But of course, there will be other pieces of equipment that will be needed to record and finalize a complete song. You need your computer, audio interface, DAW, microphone, and headphones. Those should be enough for a quick recording session.

In order to produce recordings with great quality and sound, the pieces of equipment that you use should also be of high quality. Some of them, like the microphone and headphones, may be found in common music stores and may be offered in a wide range of prices. But remember that they are not all the same and they often have different uses. Studio headphones are used for recording and editing, as opposed to more prominent headphone brands that are more intended for listing to music on your phone or computer for pleasure. This type of headphones is generally referred to as common or consumer headphones. There are also headphones used for gaming which usually have a microphone attached with it. For recording and mixing, you mainly want to stick to studio headphones. 

What’s the difference between studio headphones and the other types? Unlike consumer headphones that are more focused on boosting and improving the sound, studio headphones are the opposite. They produce a more accurate sound because so that you can hear what is truly there when you are mixing. If there is something that needs improvement, you will be able to hear that and correct the problem.

Now that we know the difference, the next question would be how to choose a set of headphones especially for recording your guitar performances? An added fact about this is that they can also be used for practice, so this is a bonus. In choosing headphones, here are the factors you need to know.

1. The quality

Unfortunately, high-quality studio headphones come at a price. But having a long lasting set of headphones will be of utmost importance because they will stay with you as you progress on your musical journey, and you won’t have to buy new ones every step of the way.

2. The sound

Of course, the mark of a great pair of headphones is the quality of sound that they produce. But as said before, what defines a good set of recording headphones is not about boosted bass and treble, it is more about how accurate the tones will be when they’re played back. They also have a wide frequency ranges for maintaining a tonal balance and flatness of frequency.

3. The comfort

Unlike any other equipment, studio headphones are generally worn all the time. Not only do you wear them during recording and mixing, but you’ll also wear them during practicing, which at times could take hours. This is why it is not only important for your headphones to have good sound quality, but you should also know if they are comfortable enough to use for a long period of time. All you need to do is to know about the materials of the ear pads. Consider also the weight. The heavier sets of headphones are usually less comfortable than the alternatives.

If you are still confused or do not know where to start, asking for recommendations and reading reviews will be a good help.

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Back To School

Well, it’s that time of year. We just spent the weekend moving my daughter in to her new dorm room for her third year of college. She’s growing up so fast! This year, because she’s a junior, she was fortunate enough to move into a larger down room. My best way of describing them would be as suites, it’s basically two separate rooms which share a bathroom and a kitchenette/common area. The place is really nice, and way better than the kind of room I had when I was her age! And I wonder where all my hard earned money is going…

One of the biggest things that she asked my help for was in finding a futon so that she could have her friends come and visit. Of course, being the dad that I am, it became my mission to find the best futon available for my (not so little) girl!

The Search

Being the savvy old father that I am, the first place that I turned to get some insight on futons was the internet. There are quite a bit of options available on the market these days, and surprisingly there may even be some good options for our own home. They are available as futons that are really only designed for the short term (i.e. my daughter’s college dorm room) to products that are really quite nice pieces of furniture. They can be fully constructed of imported hardwoods, which can come in a variety of stains and colors. I ended up going with a slightly cheaper futon for my daughter, because I’m sure once she moves off on her own she’ll want something a little better. Still though I didn’t opt for the cheapest options because they seemed, well, cheap – both in quality of materials and construction.

The Assembly

This was a bit of a doozy. I forgot my toolbox at home, and the tools that came with the futon were laughable to say the least. I did have some vice grips in my car as well as my leatherman, which were not ideal but I was still able to get the job done. The problem with using tools like this is that you can damage the metal frame which can be unappealing to the eyes. I just had to make sure to go slow and do the best I could, it took me probably 3 hours but eventually I got the job done. Luckily it wasn’t too expensive anyway, because I definitely left some visible teeth marks in a few areas. All in all it wasn’t too bad, and my daughter couldn’t have cared less. She was just happy to have the futon up and running so that she could get us out of her dorm room and back to partying with her friends.

All in all it was a successful move in. While I was working on the futon, her mother was helping her unpack everything and make the place pretty. Her new room is absolutely beautiful, I can’t believe what they are providing the students with these days! Anyway, she sent me all of these pictures so that I could share them here, she does a really good job with her camera.

That’s all for today, hope your students have all moved in safely as well!

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Make Cleaning Easier With A Pressure Washer

Tonight I tried something new. And I really liked it!

My neighbor had just received his new electric pressure washer, and he was cleaning the algae and barnacles off of his 19′ Boston Whaler. Up until today, I’ve only ever scrubbed the bottom of my boat with a huge brush or a paint scraper. While I’d hear of them and seen them used for years I’d never wielded a pressure washer of any type.

It’s probably obvious, but these machines save a ton of time. What would have been a solid two days of scrubbing and brushing (with plenty of elbow grease) was reduced to ~1/2 hour of time with my neighbor’s new electric pressure washer. As we got to talking I realized that there are many situations in my life where I could put this tool to good use:

  1. Clearing my driveway and removing unwanted weeds using the jet tip.
  2. Gently cleaning the delicate surfaces of my car.
  3. Removing the algae from my house’s vinyl siding, without causing any damage.

So I went ahead and bought my own. I’ve been having a blast (no pun intended) with it. It makes a quick job of my car’s rims, leaving them nice and shiny. Our house siding looks clean and brand spanking new. Our driveway is clear as can be. I even cleaned our charcoal grill, and it looks as good as new.

Basically our entire yard and house exterior has been given a facelift, and best of all it was incredibly easy. I didn’t even use any detergent, and I’m sure it work even better if I had.

The pressure washer came with a few different nozzles, and I’m going to try the gentlest one on my car in combination with some detergent. I suspect that it will be much better than washing by hand with a sponge, and with less risk of introducing scratches. On top of that, it will probably use a lot less water than normal.

Anyway, you can head over to for some useful information if you are interested. They have some great reviews and a helpful buying guide that made my purchase quite easy. I opted to go with an option that boasted a lot of power, even though it was a bit on the pricier side. I think it has paid off. Hopefully it will last for years to come.

If you don’t have a pressure washer, I’d highly recommend you look into one. Mine has been a huge time saver. If you really need even more power you can look into gas-powered pressure washer, but I opted for an electric model for ease of use (and less trips to the gas station).

Fall is coming faster than imagined. Make sure you’re ready for the fall cleanup!

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Keeping Your Lawn Nice and Green

Yesterday my neighbor was asking me how I keep my lawn so green and healthy. His lawn is fully grown, but there are a few patches where the grass has turned brown and in general there is quite a bit of crab grass.

He’s seen me out there working from time to time, but he didn’t understand what I was doing differently to make my lawn look so inviting. There are a few points that are really important and can help make for an excellent lawn. I found this video pretty helpful:

As the video shows, aerating at the beginning of the season can be a huge help in getting a nice deep root bed that channels plenty of water. Once the aeration is done, it is important to keep the lawn well watered all season – ideally at least once a day and ideally in the morning. The reason you want to do it in the morning is that it will give the soil plenty of time to dry out over the course of the day, so that when night comes it won’t stick around and cause mold problems with the roots of the grass.

In terms of repairing brown spots in your lawn, you can buy rolls of turf from your local hardware store – or, you can borrow some grass from another part of your lawn. I usually take some grass that is growing around my compost heap and use that. Then you just have to make sure to water it thoroughly and it should take in no time.

If you are suffering from crab grass or similar weeds, there are really two options. The first is to use fertilizer and crab grass killer, as they show in the video. This is certainly the easiest route, but as with most things in the garden these days I do prefer organic alternatives whenever possible. Sometimes if you have a lot of weeds you don’t really have an option, but other times you can take care of small patches of weeds by digging them up and patching them with new grass as I described earlier.

Other than that, just keep up with your general maintenance – watering daily and mowing as necessary. Good exposure to sun never hurts either, as long as you keep the lawn well watered!

So, how did I help my neighbor? Well, he is trying to get in the habit of watering in the morning. Previously he has done it in the evening, and I think this one change will give him quite a bit of progress. Unfortunately, as he does have quite a bit of crab grass he did have to treat with crab grass killer on a large portion of his lawn. However, we went around and dug up weeds and patched with live grass wherever it could work.

That’s all for today – as always, thanks for reading!

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3 Tips and Tasks to Maintain the Garage During Winter

Winter is the most difficult time of year for garages. The cold weather can wreak havoc on your garage door, the concrete floor, the paint on your walls and even your car’s tires. This article will give you some helpful tips to maintain your garage during winter so that it doesn’t become a nightmare to use in spring!

1) Make sure to check the weather stripping on your garage door. If it’s worn out, replace it.

If you have an attached garage, the weather stripping is essential for keeping the cold air out and the warm air in. If it’s worn out, replace it right away! You don’t want to be dealing with a drafty garage all winter long.

If you have a detached garage, you can seal up the door from the inside with weather stripping. This will keep out any cold air that would normally seep in through cracks between your doorway and its frame. You should probably hire a professional to do this for you if DIY isn’t really your thing!

2) Install a garage heater.

If you’re really not looking forward to dealing with a cold garage all winter long, installing a garage heater is the perfect solution. There are many different types of garage heaters available on the market, so be sure to do your research before making a purchase. You want to make sure that you get one that is big enough to heat your entire garage, but not so big that it’s going to be a waste of energy.

If you’re on a tight budget, there are some cheaper alternatives to a traditional garage heater. You could try installing an infrared heater, which will warm up the objects in your garage instead of the air itself. Or, if you have a gas stove in your garage, you could try using that to generate heat.

Just be sure to take into account the ventilation in your garage before attempting either of these methods! You don’t want to end up with a carbon monoxide leak.

If all else fails, you can always just pile on the blankets and hope for the best.

3) Always keep the floor of your garage clean.

The concrete floor in your garage is susceptible to a lot of damage during winter. All that salt and snow can quickly wear away at the surface, leaving you with a nasty mess come springtime.

To prevent this from happening, be sure to sweep and mop the floor regularly. If you have a garage-floor heater, you should also run the sweeper over it on a regular basis. You don’t want to end up with nasty melted marks all over your floor!

You are now ready to face winter with a well-maintained garage! Follow these tips and you’ll be able to stay warm and organized all season long. Happy winter!

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Should You Try To Build Your Own Dog Crate?

A dog crate can keep your dog safe. Your dog will have a nice and cozy home inside the crate. Moreover, Children or strangers may not excite your dog. Hence, your dog needs a dog crate.

But, your dog may have some unique characteristics. These characteristics may prevent your dog to be crate friendly.

For example – your dog plays with toys and then it goes to sleep.

Now, a crate bought from the market may not have any provisions for toys. Therefore, you need a custom dog crate.

So, Should You Try To Build Your Own Dog Crate?

The answer is ‘yes’. If your dog has some special characteristics, then you should try to build your own dog crate. Because there are many benefits of building a custom dog crate.

1) Choose A Size

Your dog may have a small or big size. The crates in the market are available in many sizes. But, as your dog grows, you may have to buy a new crate every year. Because, you don’t know – how big your dog will become!

Hence, you should make a crate according to your dog’s height and length. The best part is that you can enlarge the crate. So, you don’t have to buy a new crate every year.

2) Choose A Place

When you build a custom dog crate, you can keep it anywhere. You can build your dog crate under the stairs or in your laundry room. Your bathroom, living room, or kitchen can also be a great place to keep your dog. But, if you buy a custom dog crate. you may have no such choices. Hence, a DIY dog crate is truly beneficial.

3) Choose A Design

You can build a dog crate using many materials. You can use wood, metal wires, thick glass, and plastic boards. Now, your dog may not like wood or glass. In that case, you can build your crate using metal wires. This means you can choose your dog crate’s material.

Apart from that, you can also design your own dog crate. You can give it any shape you want.

For instance – you want to keep a dog bed inside your dog crate. So, you can design the crate according to the size of the dog bed.

4) Save Money

Dog crates in the market can be expensive. So, if you have a tight budget, then you can build your own dog crate. Because you just need only a couple of materials and tools to build a dog crate. So, why would you buy an expensive dog crate from the market?

5) Decorate It

You can decorate your DIY dog crate wholeheartedly. You can keep their toys, lights, food bowls, and much other stuff. A dog crate from the market won’t provide you enough space to decorate it. Whereas, you can decorate and paint your custom dog crate in all festivals. That’s why a DIY dog crate is a great choice for your dog.

You may have to spend some days to build your own dog crate. But, if you think closely, your labor surely worth it. A DIY dog crate means extra comfort and extra space for your dog. Moreover, once you learn this skill, you just don’t have to buy a dog crate from the market. So, build your own dog crate and give your dog a happy time.

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How To Arrange Furniture in an Awkward Living Room

Getting a home, whether owned or not, gives us the feeling of excitement and nervousness at the same time. It could mean that you are starting anew with something and having a new home is part of that.

Of course, for a place to be your home, you will have to add your own touch to it. This means you will be choosing furniture and decor that will fit your personality. And because it is your home, you need it to be a place where you will be happy and relaxed.

It is not that easy to decorate though. You will have to choose things that complement each other, and should also consider the placements because it might affect the materials you will look for or already have. Then of course, if you are renting or buying a house, you may encounter a room that is oddly shaped. This will affect how you arrange your furniture, and renovation is out of the question because of the expenses. 

Here are some of those cases and tips on how to arrange furniture in them.

1. Long and Narrow

Because the room is long, you can divide the space. You could have a seating area for entertainment then the other could be your home office or another seating area for reading or a corner for a one-on-one conversation. And because it is narrow, you could have the pieces of furniture smaller, so it will not take up much of the space and cause traffic especially if many people would be around.

2. L-Shaped

Just like above, you can divide the space. The other side will be automatically your seating area then the other could be a dining area. Even if you already have one, you can have this exclusive for your guests so that way, they will not need to transfer further. Another idea would be having a mini library. This would be great if you collect books and have it on shelves and maybe create a small sitting corner for you to enjoy them.

3. Cramped

This is usually the problem for small apartments especially the studio-type. It seems like there will be no space for everything. One solution is not to have large furniture that will take up space. Instead, have the alternative space-saving furniture that is available. You can have furniture that also doubles as storage like an ottoman. You can have daybeds that will be handy if you have a studio-type apartment or a sleeping space for your visitors. You can also eliminate the sofa but have the alternative seats instead. Comfort does not have to be with the big pieces. You just have to be creative with them.

4. Awkward Corners

This is when the room is full of niched corners. Not only does it look awkward, but it would also be dangerous at times too. The solution to this is placing shelves or racks that will cover them up. You can also have that as another seating corner with a table.

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How To Clean A Charcoal Grill

Having barbecue parties is fun especially during the summer. You can have your friends and family over and grill some steaks and hotdogs with some side dishes such as salads or sandwiches. 

But you have to clean your charcoal as part of ongoing maintenance, and also for it to function well. It may be additional work, but it is necessary or else your food might not be cooked very well.

How often will you need to clean your grill? Is it only during summers when in use? How about other times? Well, charcoal grills build up rust and ash, so you need to have them cleaned once during grilling season at the very least or more if you use them frequently. Always scrape the built-up crust and remove ash for maintenance. Also, have the grill itself oiled when in use to avoid food sticking to it.

How do you clean a charcoal grill?


The first thing you need to know is the equipment that will be used for cleaning. You will need cleaning instruments such as brushes or sponges. This also includes cleaning solutions, and you should avoid the toxic ones because it will affect the food you will cook. A simple mix of warm water and dish soap then also paste of vinegar and baking soda are enough. Then you will also need trash bags for the charcoals and debris.


Lids are advised to be cleaned often to avoid the collection of grease and smoke. You can do this by simply wiping it with soap and water solution after use.


Grates should be cleaned before cooking. Have it heated for about 15 minutes then use a stainless steel brush to remove the debris. This way, you will not stick to the grill. Aluminum foil is also an excellent scrubber for the grate.

Bowl and Ash Catcher

The bowl should be brushed or wiped with any debris with a mild detergent soap or glass cleaner. Be sure to have the ash catcher emptied too.

Additional Tip: You can also do some pressure cleaning for your grill to make things easier. Just make sure you know how to use your washer.

How to maintain a charcoal grill?

It was asked before how often grills should be cleaned, but maintenance is also a must so how should that be performed?

At the end of the grilling season

a. Always remove and dispose of the ashes.

b. Clean your grill.

c. Oil the grate.

d. Cover it to protect from weather and seasons to come.

At the beginning of the grilling season

a. If there are any excess ashes, remove them.

b. Wash your grill.

c. Stock the charcoal.

3. During the grilling season

a. Always check if you have a supply of charcoal.

b. Clean your grill once in a while especially if it is used often especially the grates.

c. Brush your grates before and after grilling so that debris will easily loosen.

d. Always oil the grate to avoid the food sticking. It also helps prevent any rusting. It also adds flavor to the food you are cooking.

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How To Clean Your Outdoor Furniture

Relaxing does not always have to be done inside. In fact, it is a great opportunity for you to catch some sun and be with nature. The problem at times though is that either you do not have the time or money for it. But you do not have to go that far for you can do it just outside your home in your backyard or patio. Just sit around and observe your surroundings like your garden or the trees around. But of course, cleaning would be required when you have something outside and that includes the furniture. Because it is outside, it is most likely prone to be dirt and dust. 

All pieces of furniture are made from different materials, therefore, cleaning is done in different ways.


Mostly, wooden furniture would likely consist of grime and in order to remove them, you will just need an oil-based soap mixed with warm water. You can also use the ammonia, vinegar, and water solution. You can also purchase commercial wood cleaners but be sure to read the instructions first when using them. Hardwoods are required to be sanded. It can be done after cleaning, but it is also advisable to do it once a year with the application of coating for protection.


Metals are prone to rust so as you are cleaning them, watch out for those potential rust spots and be sure to take care of them first before anything. You can remove them by using white vinegar and water solution or metal polishing paste. Do not use chemicals that cause oxidation. To avoid rusts, sand your furniture and add rust-resistant paint. Add rust-resistant primer before that. Then apply a coat of automotive wax.


You will just need a mild cleanser for plastics. You can make your own by just mixing water and soap dish. Avoid chemicals such as chlorine or bleach that eat away the plastic. Also, watch out for cleaners that scratch the plastic. Abrasive cleaners do this. For protection, add a coat of automotive paste wax. 


Before getting wicker wet, it is required to some pre-cleaning. Have something like a brush to loosen the dirt or grime. The cleaning process for wicker is the same as wood (wiping it with solutions) but requires it to be more diluted. Have the wickers hosed down every few weeks or so to avoid dirt build-up. You can also wipe it regularly for added protection and prevention.


The pieces of furniture that are made of glass are most often tables. The best way to clean them is simply by wiping them with home cleaning solutions or dish detergent. Be sure to use a microfiber cloth or dishtowel to avoid scratches. You can cover them when not in use to be protected.


Fabrics involve the seat covers and cushions. Seat covers can be machine washed if you desire. Cushions, on the other hand, should be regularly dusted by shaking them out or clapping them together. If they are small enough, they can be machine washed. If not, they are done by hand and scrubbed with a brush. They are also air-dried under the sun.

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Living Room Seating Ideas Without a Sofa

Having a small space has more advantages than we think. The first would be it is less difficult to clean because there are fewer rooms and spaces. It is also cozy and intimate, so it is a lot easier to have conversations with your friends and family. 

The downside is definitely the lack of space. You will not be able to splurge on furniture and decor because they might not fit in your home. You might need to be a minimalist even if it is not really your style. But it does not always have to be that way. You just have to be creative. You do not need to always follow the equation. You can have your own rules when comes to your home. For example, you do not have to have all of the needed furniture. You can just have an airbed for your bedroom or a sofa bed, so you could also have it as a home office. 

As for your living room, you do not need to have a sofa. There are many alternatives that you can take but still make your living room look cozy and welcoming. In addition, they do not add more space. Here some of them:

1. Floor Cushions and Bean Bags

You can definitely do it in a traditional Asian style where floor seating is not new and unusual. You can even have it styled that way with Asian-inspired floor cushions and a small coffee table. You could also go to Bohemian style with various patterns and a carefree look and feel. It does not have to be only floor cushions. You could Aldo get bean bags and nowadays, there are various styles you could choose that will fit not only personality but also your lifestyle. 

2. Daybed

A daybed is great to have when you often have visitors spending the night. This way, even if you do not have any guest room, you will not need to have extra airbeds that will take up space. They can still have a sleeping space then you can also have it as a seat during the day. This is also handy if your home is a studio type. You do not need to have a separate space as a bedroom. Instead, you can have the living room during the day then set it up as a bedroom at bedtime.

3. Lounge

Like a daybed, lounges are also versatile. They can be used as a seat but can also be a place for sleeping in. It is also less hassle than a daybed for it does not need any transformations to be one. Just add some pillows and a blanket, and it is done.

4. Chairs

Chairs do not have to be always the hard and uncomfortable types that we usually see. You can be stylish with easy chairs. If you want more comfort, there are a lot of armchairs available. You can even find ones that are convertible and turns into a bed, so another sleeping place option for you. Then you will just add some simple ottoman in the middle as a table or even as an extra seat, and your living room is ready.

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How To Clean a Concrete Patio

Entertaining guests does not have to be always done inside the house. In fact, there are various tips for this. Having a backyard or pool for barbecues will surely be an experience for them. With this, it would be beneficial for you to have a patio. You can also have dinner or lunch parties with it. You can also have your meals in it from time to time for some change. 

A patio can be built with different materials, but it also has different costs and durability. Concrete is one of the most popular choices because of its versatility and adaptability. Add to that, it also costs less than the others but durable enough.

1. Clear the Patio

But of course, like anything in your house, you have to maintain it and clean it regularly. Surely, clean concrete is definitely good for the eyes. With these simple steps, you can definitely do the cleaning on your own:

The first thing you need to do is clear your patio. Put the furniture and plants out of the way. If there are appliances such as a grill and toys of your kids or pets, put them in a safe place. After that, you can sweep or use a leaf blower in removing dirt and leaves. Then wash your concrete with a hose.

2. Mix the Cleaning Solutions

Then it is time to mix the solutions you will use. There are three solutions you can use. First is the baking soda and bleach paste that is good for stains. If you want more environmentally friendly, vinegar and baking soda paste will be good for that. For the smaller areas, have vinegar, salt, and water in a spray bottle to apply it on your targeted zones.

3. Clean

Before you do your clean, protect the nearby plants by hosing them with water or covering them. Then, apply the solution and let it sit for a while. Then scrub it with a brush. Use one that has a long handle, so it will be easier and comfortable. For deeper stains and mildews, be sure to use the right solution for it. This may also require to let the solution sit in longer. Another alternative would be using a pressure washer to be more convenient especially for tougher stains and molds. Just be sure you know how to use it because it might affect or even damage your concrete. Also, be aware of the solutions you will use with it because some of them are damaging to the washer. Another thing to watch out for is the nearby plants. The high pressure might destroy them.

4. Rinse

After all of that, rinse away the solutions from the concrete. If the nearby plant is not covered, have them sprayed with more water. Then let the concrete dry. If you want, you can apply a sealer to provide more protection from future stains. Once it is all dry, you can rearrange your patio and is ready for use again.

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How To Combine Your Living and Dining Room Together In Small Spaces

You do not really need a big place to be able to bond with your family and friends that is why a small home is nice to have. It is enough for you to start. It is cozy and intimate which is good for conversations and catching ups. 

But of course, the downside of it is the lack of space. You have to get used to having a minimalist lifestyle for your small space does not bear much. One of the ways in maximizing the space is having two rooms in one. You could have your home office in your bedroom. There will not be any guest rooms and visitors opt to sleep in the living room instead. But one of the tricky parts is having the living room and dining room as one. Sure, it is not as bad as it sounds because both rooms are the usual place to have gatherings and entertain guests. But how would you have them separated? With these tips, you will be able to maximize your space but still having two separate uses.


When it comes to furniture, the fewer the better, so it will not take that much space. You can have the basic ones for both rooms. You could have tables and chairs for the dining room then a sofa and maybe a few more seats and a table for the living room. Even if it is just a few, why not look for comfortable furniture that will make you relax and also welcoming for your guests. Another tip is getting furniture that is smaller in size, so you could accommodate to both rooms.

Decor and Theme

Decors are essential for the room to look pleasing to the eye. So, how will work when the room is divided into two purposes? The solution to that is to have coordinating decors. You can up with a theme that will be good for both rooms. It could be something simple like having them color coordinated. You could also do something about the interior style and in order to do that, the furniture is going to be a factor. An example is if you have contemporary furniture for your living room, it is advisable to have your dining room have contemporary furniture too, so they will match. You could also make a theme. A very good example is making it look like a cafe, and it will be nice since cafes are known for being cozy.

Wall Color

Make sure that the color you will choose matches for both the dining room and living room. It is said that light colors, such as white and cream, will help enlarge the room at least visually. This would make the room look less cramped. Add to that, these colors are easy to coordinate with furniture for they are neutral. When you want to pick something else, be sure that it will put the room together and not clash.


Lighting will also help with having the room visually large. You could add lamps all around to make it brighter. As for the overhead lights, you can have designs that will match the overall design of the room.