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We Are Online!

Hello Everyone!

My blog is now online. Many thanks to my daughter (who specifically asked to remain nameless) for helping me set it up. I feel so techy!

This isn’t the best tip ever, but I have to start somewhere!

For months the knobs on our kitchen cabinets have been coming loose, but no matter how often I tightened they just kept coming undone. So I started thinking about other ways of keeping them put. I’ve used Loctite in similar situations, and teflon tape can often do the trick as well. But, to save myself a trip to the basement I used what we had readily available in the kitchen – small pieces of elastic bands. I just cut a small strip of the elastic (the thinner style, about 1/2″ length), wrapped it around the threads of the knob, and tightened the knob snug while holding the elastic in place. It’s been two weeks now and they are still holding tight.

Any way, hopefully I’ll have some better info for you all as time goes on. At any rate, thanks for taking the time to read!