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Should You Try To Build Your Own Dog Crate?

A dog crate can keep your dog safe. Your dog will have a nice and cozy home inside the crate. Moreover, Children or strangers may not excite your dog. Hence, your dog needs a dog crate.

But, your dog may have some unique characteristics. These characteristics may prevent your dog to be crate friendly.

For example – your dog plays with toys and then it goes to sleep.

Now, a crate bought from the market may not have any provisions for toys. Therefore, you need a custom dog crate.

So, Should You Try To Build Your Own Dog Crate?

The answer is ‘yes’. If your dog has some special characteristics, then you should try to build your own dog crate. Because there are many benefits of building a custom dog crate.

1) Choose A Size

Your dog may have a small or big size. The crates in the market are available in many sizes. But, as your dog grows, you may have to buy a new crate every year. Because, you don’t know – how big your dog will become!

Hence, you should make a crate according to your dog’s height and length. The best part is that you can enlarge the crate. So, you don’t have to buy a new crate every year.

2) Choose A Place

When you build a custom dog crate, you can keep it anywhere. You can build your dog crate under the stairs or in your laundry room. Your bathroom, living room, or kitchen can also be a great place to keep your dog. But, if you buy a custom dog crate. you may have no such choices. Hence, a DIY dog crate is truly beneficial.

3) Choose A Design

You can build a dog crate using many materials. You can use wood, metal wires, thick glass, and plastic boards. Now, your dog may not like wood or glass. In that case, you can build your crate using metal wires. This means you can choose your dog crate’s material.

Apart from that, you can also design your own dog crate. You can give it any shape you want.

For instance – you want to keep a dog bed inside your dog crate. So, you can design the crate according to the size of the dog bed.

4) Save Money

Dog crates in the market can be expensive. So, if you have a tight budget, then you can build your own dog crate. Because you just need only a couple of materials and tools to build a dog crate. So, why would you buy an expensive dog crate from the market?

5) Decorate It

You can decorate your DIY dog crate wholeheartedly. You can keep their toys, lights, food bowls, and much other stuff. A dog crate from the market won’t provide you enough space to decorate it. Whereas, you can decorate and paint your custom dog crate in all festivals. That’s why a DIY dog crate is a great choice for your dog.

You may have to spend some days to build your own dog crate. But, if you think closely, your labor surely worth it. A DIY dog crate means extra comfort and extra space for your dog. Moreover, once you learn this skill, you just don’t have to buy a dog crate from the market. So, build your own dog crate and give your dog a happy time.