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How To Clean Your Outdoor Furniture

Relaxing does not always have to be done inside. In fact, it is a great opportunity for you to catch some sun and be with nature. The problem at times though is that either you do not have the time or money for it. But you do not have to go that far for you can do it just outside your home in your backyard or patio. Just sit around and observe your surroundings like your garden or the trees around. But of course, cleaning would be required when you have something outside and that includes the furniture. Because it is outside, it is most likely prone to be dirt and dust. 

All pieces of furniture are made from different materials, therefore, cleaning is done in different ways.


Mostly, wooden furniture would likely consist of grime and in order to remove them, you will just need an oil-based soap mixed with warm water. You can also use the ammonia, vinegar, and water solution. You can also purchase commercial wood cleaners but be sure to read the instructions first when using them. Hardwoods are required to be sanded. It can be done after cleaning, but it is also advisable to do it once a year with the application of coating for protection.


Metals are prone to rust so as you are cleaning them, watch out for those potential rust spots and be sure to take care of them first before anything. You can remove them by using white vinegar and water solution or metal polishing paste. Do not use chemicals that cause oxidation. To avoid rusts, sand your furniture and add rust-resistant paint. Add rust-resistant primer before that. Then apply a coat of automotive wax.


You will just need a mild cleanser for plastics. You can make your own by just mixing water and soap dish. Avoid chemicals such as chlorine or bleach that eat away the plastic. Also, watch out for cleaners that scratch the plastic. Abrasive cleaners do this. For protection, add a coat of automotive paste wax. 


Before getting wicker wet, it is required to some pre-cleaning. Have something like a brush to loosen the dirt or grime. The cleaning process for wicker is the same as wood (wiping it with solutions) but requires it to be more diluted. Have the wickers hosed down every few weeks or so to avoid dirt build-up. You can also wipe it regularly for added protection and prevention.


The pieces of furniture that are made of glass are most often tables. The best way to clean them is simply by wiping them with home cleaning solutions or dish detergent. Be sure to use a microfiber cloth or dishtowel to avoid scratches. You can cover them when not in use to be protected.


Fabrics involve the seat covers and cushions. Seat covers can be machine washed if you desire. Cushions, on the other hand, should be regularly dusted by shaking them out or clapping them together. If they are small enough, they can be machine washed. If not, they are done by hand and scrubbed with a brush. They are also air-dried under the sun.